CEng. Azfar Ali Khan


Azfar Ali Khan is not only a highly educated intellectual but also a dedicated social reformer who tirelessly works for community empowerment. Emerging from the commercial zone, he has chosen to devote his expertise and efforts to uplift and empower communities. His commitment to social reform and community empowerment reflects a genuine passion for making a positive impact beyond traditional professional boundaries. Azfar’s journey demonstrates a profound dedication to addressing societal issues and contributing to the betterment of communities through his intellectual pursuits and proactive engagement in social initiatives.


  • IWFM (UK)
  • B.E (Civil) -AMU
  • Diploma  – AMU
  • Schooling – Minto Circle
  • LinkedIn Course: +300
  • Safety Training: +20


  • +10 years Experience
  • Working in Qatar

Professional Membership

  • Chartered Engineer (India)
  • UPDA Certified Engineer (Qatar)
  • FM certified member – IWFM (UK)
  • International Membership of Engineer ( Hong Kong)

Political Activism

• RTI: +2500
• Letters: +4000 (National and international authorities)

Social Activism

  • Founder of The Aligarh Renaissance
  • Revival of Aligarh Movement (working since 2014)
  • Muslim Reservation Movement 2017
  • Education Movement 2016

CEng. Azfar Ali Khan

Founder Message

Dear Visitors,

I extend a warm welcome to The Aligarh Renaissance International Platform. I am Azfar Ali Khan, the founder of this platform, and I am delighted to connect with you through this message.

Our platform is built upon the profound influence of the ideals set forth by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the Aligarh Movement. At the core of our mission is a steadfast dedication to delivering impactful services for community empowerment. We are driven by the vision of creating a better future and a society that is resilient and empowered, drawing inspiration from the timeless principles that have enriched Aligarh’s legacy.

We firmly believe in the strength of collaboration and are eager to partner with like-minded individuals and NGOs who share our passion for positive change. Through collective efforts, we can achieve more, making lasting impacts that transcend individual endeavors.

Our overarching goal is to revive the true spirit of the Aligarh Movement, following in the illustrious footsteps of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. I extend an invitation to all of you to join us on this meaningful journey towards a better future. Let’s pool our resources, ideas, and efforts to build a legacy that resonates with the values of community, education, and empowerment.

Thank you for considering The Aligarh Renaissance International Platform. Together, let’s embark on a journey of collaboration and impact.

Best Regards,

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